Termite Control

Pest Arrest Australia are experienced at hunting down these destructive insects.

Professional Termite Control Services on the Gold Coast

When it comes to termites, these elusive insects often go unnoticed by many. Their secretive nature makes them difficult to spot, but with the right knowledge, identifying their presence becomes possible. Successful termite inspection hinges on understanding their behaviour, habits, environmental needs, dietary preferences, and preferred habitats. 

At Pest Arrest Australia, our seasoned technicians specialize in tracking down these destructive pests. They possess a keen understanding of termite behavior, equipped with the expertise and tools necessary to detect their presence from inspection to treatment, ensuring your ultimate termite control solution.

  • Have you noticed a small mark on a skirting board or architrave that wasn’t there last time you looked?
  • Is the paint bubbling on your windowsill and does it feel hollow?
  • Can you hear scratching in the walls?

All of these could be indicators of active termites consuming the timber in your house. 

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Pest Inspection

Worried you might have termite activity in your house?

Termite Damage

Termite Detection

Have you noticed moisture in walls or on the floor around the kitchen or bathroom? 

Termites are attracted to timber with a high moisture content, meaning a minor water leak from a shower can become a lot more serious than a patch of wet carpet. 

At Pest Arrest Australia we are trained in the use of the latest termite detection techniques and equipment.  To ensure a thorough inspection every time our technicians use equipment such as Termatrac radar, thermal and moisture detection.