Mosquito Control

Our specialised equipment allows us to target mosquitoes and biting midges:

Enjoy your backyard without mosquitoes and biting midge!

Mosquitoes and Biting Midge can really put a damper on your outdoor fun, not to mention the health risks they bring along.

When you connect with a licensed No Mosquitoes operator from Pest Arrest Australia, a friendly and fully trained technician will work their magic on your outdoor spaces using a highly effective residual barrier treatment.

This treatment not only takes out mosquitoes and midges on contact but also ensures they stay away for weeks.

The treatment works by turning your surrounding vegetation into an effective mosquito and biting midge barrier.  We also treat the exterior of the building, ensuring that any biting insects harbouring in dark corners will also disappear.  While we’re there we’ll inspect your outdoor areas to tackle any potential mosquito breeding grounds.

We have been providing professional mosquito control to our thousands of happy residential and commercial customers for a number of years now and we understand that everyone has different needs.  We are  pleased to be offering home owners, renters and business owners alike a professionally developed solution that actually works.

Just another way in which we are helping you to ‘take back the outdoors’.

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Enjoy your backyard safely and comfortably.

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Protect your workplace

As licensed practitioners of No Mosquitoes, we specialise in comprehensive mosquito management solutions tailored for your business, organisation, or worksite.

Our expertise lies in eradicating annoying biting insects to foster a comfortable and highly productive workplace for you and your team. 

By eliminating these nuisances from your immediate surroundings, we ensure an environment conducive to focused work without constant interruptions.

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Mosquito Larva


Larviciding, a proactive measure, targets mosquito larvae in their breeding grounds, preventing their development into adult mosquitoes that spread across areas. By treating these habitats, we effectively diminish the adult mosquito population nearby.

Connect with us today to explore how we can assist with your mosquito larvicide needs, regardless of scale.

Barrier treatments

Experience the professional difference.

Developed by the experts at ‘No Mosquitoes’, Biting Midge and Mosquito Barrier is tailored for homeowners like you to reclaim your outdoor spaces. Put an end to worrying about biting insects in your yard! Safeguard your outdoor area from annoying and potentially harmful mosquitoes and midges using this expert solution.

Mosquito Control

Mosquito Treatment Guarantee

Your complete satisfaction with our service and treatments is our main goal. If you are not completely satisfied with the effectiveness of our residual barrier treatment, contact Pest Arrest Australia within 14 days of the treatment and we will gladly re-treat your property free of charge!

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Where we service

Pest Arrest Australia services the Gold Coast and Brisbane areas.

We provide you with a domestic and commercial Pest Management Service which is guaranteed to keep your family and property free from unwanted pests.

Pest Management Licence Numbers:

  • PMT5006309517
  • PMT5006309617
  • QBCC Licence Number: 15042862