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General Pest Control

The Best Pest Control Services on the Gold Coast

The solution for when you need protection from pest infestation

Protect your home and family from unwanted pests with the help of the pest management specialists at Pest Arrest Australia. Be proactive and let our pest control experts right here on the Gold Coast help you get rid of pests like cockroaches, ants and spiders.  We can inspect your property and develop and treatment strategy tailored directly to your needs.  We use a variety of methods, including liquid sprays, gels, aerosols and dusts.  Our treatments are pet and child friendly.

Spider Control

In Australia we have good cause to be nervous about spiders. A number of our key pest spiders, such as the Redback, Funnel-web and White-tailed spiders, have nasty bites requiring medical treatment. Others, such as the Huntsman, are downright scary, although not so dangerous. So it makes sense to want to keep spiders out of the home, especially if you have small children and pets around.

Rodent Control

From chewing electrical cables to contaminating the food we eat, rodents are a real nuisance.

Call us for first-rate rodent control. Rid your property of them as soon and as effectively as possible. With us on your side, you can avoid costly damages on your household and prevent the spread of illnesses within your family.

Cockroach Control

Call the experts for cockroach control. Cockroaches are one of Australia’s most common and unwelcome home intruders.  They are most active in the warmer months, and can breed quickly given the right conditions.  They require three things to thrive – water, food and somewhere dark to live.  Hence it is common to find them in cupboards, under sinks, behind ovens and fridges, or even inside dishwashers!  Where you see one cockroach… there could be one hundred in hiding.  Our methods will treat the ones you see, as well as the ones you don’t.  Contact us today for a quote for General Pest Management on your property.

Ant Control

Ants are everywhere in Australia, and controlling them on your property can be a real challenge to a homeowner.  Off the shelf products do work, but often its only a short time before the ants are back.  We use highly effective, non-repellent technology with a residual effectiveness of at least six months (exterior) to 12 months (interior).  Where ants have infested walls or cupboards in your home we use ant gels and insecticide dusts. Why would you waste your time and money on ineffective off the shelf products when you can hire us for ant control instead?

Flea Control

Fleas can be a persistent and frustrating problem in your home.  They can live in your carpets and attack you whenever you enter the room.  The best way to treat them is to use their home against them – we spray the carpet with a specific product, making it toxic to the fleas living within.

No matter your pest-related concern, our fully qualified, licenced and insured pest management technicians are here to assist you. Call us today and we will be there to help solve your general pest and termite problems!