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Cockroach Control

Australian cockroachCockroaches can infest a property even when it is constantly cleaned and sanitised. The dangers of having these in your home can include:

  • Bites with itchiness around the bite site
  • Allergic reactions similar to dust mites
  • Foul smell, especially in large-scale infestations
  • Acute diseases which they carry
  • Messes due to shedding and faecal wastes

Because of these pesky insects’ resourcefulness and adaptability, exterminating these can be very hard without professional help. Good thing, Pest Arrest Australia offers cockroach control on the Gold Coast to help you get rid of these insects the expert way.

Specialised Treatment for Every Property

Pest Arrest is your reliable partner when it comes to eradicating these insects. We have spent years in the industry developing and perfecting our processes to ensure client satisfaction and safety. Acquiring innovative technology to guarantee effectiveness, we come up with strategies to suit every case. No matter the scale of the infestation, the type of cockroach species and the size of your property, we are sure to provide a tailor-fit treatment for you.

To guarantee you and your family’s safety, we only use certified chemicals. We went through an intensive screening process, choosing eco- and pet-friendly products that are also safe for you and your children.

Our materials and products can exterminate different types of cockroaches, increasing our dependability. Some cockroach species you might encounter includes:

  • German
  • American
  • Australian
  • Smoky brown
  • Brown-banded
  • Oriental

Our Professional Staff

To facilitate our customised service, we hired highly professional exterminators who work to ensure your peace of mind. Equipped with the right know-how, they understand the behaviour and tendencies of these insects, allowing them to address the situation more with efficiency. With this, they can determine which strategy fits your condition best.

Aside from defining the best treatment and methods, our people are trained to handle equipment and eco-friendly chemicals in a safe and cautious manner. To top it all off, you can expect the best attitudes from our staff. We prioritise providing friendly, courteous and timely service to our clients. Our staff will make sure that your property is rid of any mess and waste materials after the service.

When you avail of our services, you have access to:

Essential Information – With our knowledgeable personnel, you are free to ask questions about these insects and you are sure to get an answer. Using this information, you can take steps to minimise the possibility of another infestation in the future.

Preventive Measures – Once we are done treating your property, you can rest assured that it will not be conducive to swarms of cockroaches for a long time.

After-sales support – If you need to avail follow-up services, we will be happy to perform additional measures to ensure that your home is cockroach-free.

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Keep your family’s safety and maintain your home’s cleanliness by getting rid of these insects. If you suspect a cockroach infestation in your property, just give us a call and we will assist you in no time.

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