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Ant Control

House ants are some of the most common insects within any property. They may be tolerable in small numbers, but when you are dealing with an infestation, you need to get help from professionals.

Pest Arrest offers a convenient and effective ant control on the Gold Coast.

Why Work with Us?

We utilise proven and tested methods to rid your property of all types of ants. Our staffs are equipped to handle different kinds, from the non-stinging species such as the Argentine ant to biting ones such as the Singapore ant and Whitefooted house ant. With the vast range of species that can invade your home, our experts can help you address the issue in the best way.

With our help, you can enjoy:

  • A pest-free home

Whilst relatively harmless, these insects can cause damage to your home. They are known to build nests in backyards and even within walls. When accidentally disturbed, whether by children or adults, colonies tend to spread out, making your home more vulnerable. This increases the chances of family members getting bitten and your food getting contaminated. Hiring us helps you eliminate the dangers, annoyances and inconveniences caused by these insects.

  • Safe, eco-friendly methods

We take pride in our ant control treatment and methods. Experimenting with only tried and tested processes; we formulated various techniques that are deemed toxic-free and eco-friendly, ensuring the safety of your family and the environment.

  • Customised treatments

We understand that every case is different. From the materials your house is made of to the kinds of species infesting it, our team will choose the right treatments and strategies targeted to your specific case. In providing a tailored service, we also consider the scale, type of property and the location of the colony’s nest.

  • Guaranteed service

You never have to worry about getting mediocre and unprofessional service. Our staff are equipped with the right knowledge and materials to reduce risks and to successfully eradicate these pests. You can rely on us to do the job right in one go.

How We Can Help You

  • Consultations – Once you get in touch with us, our specialists will inquire about your situation and will set an appointment for inspections.
  • Inspections and Planning – To get the bigger picture of the case, we send an expert to inspect your property. This helps them identify the species that has invaded your home, locate its nest and check for other important details. After getting this information, we formulate a plan, outlining which type of treatment and materials to use.
  • Implementation – After determining our strategy, we implement our treatment customised only for your needs. You can expect us to perform aftercare should you deem it necessary.

Other pests we can help exterminate include:

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Let us help you remove these pesky insects from your property. With our reliable and ant control treatments, there is no need to worry about the damages and harm these may cause. To avail of our services, give us a call today.